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Vidhya Praman is an exciting multi-utility art and educational School that fosters participation, engagement with performing arts and offers therapeutic and spiritual initiation through artistic activities. Vidhy praman offers a wide range of creative and curative activities for people of all ages. Our unique, flexible and well-equipped school are available for dance classes, music classes, Sports activities and for educational background we provide top-notch Playschool, English learning & tuition classes.

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Our academy has state of the art facilities, an international sprung dance floor, professional sound, and light system and projector to facilitate any activity or performance with dedicated teachers. This platform build by Neha Jain & her team, who are ready to serve the best teachers or best academy play school for your child.

Trivia about our Suqad out of the Box…

Vidhya Praman and its team of extremely talented faculty aim to spread awareness about the importance of having creative arts as an integral part of every person’s life. Emphasizing on its enriching effects, which also contribute to mental, emotional, physical as well as spiritual well-being, we wish to be able to take this initiative to large sections of the society, including those who are neither aware of nor exposed to the far-reaching benefits of art and education.

With an Aim, we are promising to deliver Our Best..

The school Aim is to provide a challenging environment and the opportunity to discover each child’s learning skills and talent in art and cultural activities. Learners are nurtured through an experiential mode of learning, creating learners who are skilled to overcome various challenges of life. Art and sports are included in the daily curriculum to help the student discover aptitude, create passion and develop the right skill.